Chicken Coop Kits: Try The DIY Plan?


Rearing chickens at one’s backyards seems, all of a sudden,to have become a common practice with many. Chicken housings have become a pretty common sight in most neighborhoods. And the fact of the matter is that many of these housings have been built by owners themselves. There are chicken coop kits to help them go with this and you can really do some awesome job with the help of those kits.

Double-Story Ark Chicken Coop Kits

Double-Story Ark Chicken Coop Kit

For it only stands to reason that when you can yourself build up a pretty nice housing for your chickens, you won’t go to the trouble of buying them readymade for a much higher price. They may make for some convenience, but on the downside, they are rather highly expensive, and I cannot see why you should spend all that extra money when you can do it yourself without any great difficulty with the help of those awesome chicken coop kits.

This growing interest in poultry, the facts show, has been a worldwide phenomenon, and accordingly, you will find a wealth of information on anything poultry related on the internet. No matter whether you are looking for housing the chicken tips, or tips and help on welfare issues, you can find everything on the net.

That being so, you can easily avoid all the mistakes and pitfalls by devoting a small part of your time on researching the subject. Find some quality articles, look what people are saying on the relevant forums, and you will have all the right information you need to go about the job in the right manner. This applies to the housing question, too. Many people in the poultry related forums will discuss their own experience about building their own hen housings and if you read them through carefully, you will know what kind of challenges you may expect when you go to do it yourself, and also how to stay clear of all the mistakes and wrong judgments.

As elsewhere, being flexible helps a ton when you are building your hen housing. All you need to do is some small adjustments, such as rightly managing the space you have for placing the housing, taking care of such issues as lighting and ventilation, etc. As long as you are flexible and are willing to adopt to the issues at hand, the end result will always be satisfactory.

And once you have finished the job, the sense of achievement it will provide you will be, and I can vouch for this myself, worth the trouble. You will really be happily surprised at what you have achieved, and all by yourself, too. I have done this myself, and although I was little confident at the start, I was pretty amazed at the end result I had managed– a nice-looking chicken housing where my hens would keep comfortable, safe, and secure.

So, it really matters little whether or not you think you possess adequate skills for such a DIY job. The kits come with detailed guide and instructions, and all you need to do is to follow the guide carefully, and you will be there in no time, and without much ado either.

The Advantages Of And Plans For A DIY Chicken Coop

There are many advantages to raising chickens in their own coop; the prospective chicken farmer can learn a lot from constructing a hen house using DIY Chicken Coop Plans. Here’s what experts on these barnyard friends say about coops and why to build them.

It’s true. More and more people are using chicken coops to house their poultry. They enjoy the birds as pets, as egg layers and as producers of one of nature’s best garden fertilizers. It’s a fact that a well-made coop helps both the chickens and their owners. This is why.

Chickens will lay eggs no matter how they are housed. However, farmers and other poultry producers claim any kind of chicken will lay as many as triple the number of eggs while living in a hen house as compared to living free range or out in the yard.

Moreover, chicken coops are secure environments, giving hens and chicks protection from foxes, dogs and other animals who may prey on on the flock. It is thought that these birds actually feel more secure in a coop, too. It is their own home, and this kind of temperature- controlled, comfortable environment is just plain healthy for chickens.

So, having established that a chicken coop is beneficial, why should the do-it-yourselfer build one? First, building a coop, as opposed to purchasing one, will save a lot of money in labor and even materials. Second, building a coop is not as difficult as it sounds. DIY chicken coop plans are very basic and give good information on how to make the structure in a reasonable amount of time. It’s possible, too, for the owner to customize a homemade coop to suit his own needs and preferences.


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