Basic Information About Chicken Nesting Boxes

By | September 16, 2014

Remember Chicken Nesting Boxes When Building Your Coop

Chicken Nesting Boxes — ByExample.When raising chickens, making sure that they have a safe and comfortable place to live is one of the most important things to do. If raising chickens for the purpose of egg production, it will be necessary to have chicken nesting boxes. These boxes are very simple to make but you will have to keep the comfort and habits of your chickens in mind when building them.

By nature, chickens are nesters and they like having a clean space in which their habits can be separated. The prefer to eat and sleep in separate areas and to play in another. Never try to coop up a flock in any small compartments as this will make your chickens unhappy and will diminish their overall egg yield.

When chickens live in the wild, they like having a lot of padding in their nests and on their backs while laying eggs. It is a good idea to elevate chicken nesting boxes a bit, so that these boxes are easy to get into. You can also place tops on them.

You should have a single nesting box for every two hens. Your flock should have adequate room for laying eggs. If you attempt to make do with fewer chicken nesting boxes then you really need and start finding eggs outside of the nesting area, it will be time to get a couple of new boxes as this is a definite sign that there isn’t sufficient boxes for the number of hens that you own. You simply need to have enough chicken nesting boxes so that all hens can have a turn in a nest every day.

Traditionally, chicken nesting boxes are constructed from wood, but this does not have to be the case with yours. It is possible to use a variety of different materials as long as your hens have adequate room for comfort. Every box should be snug, but still large enough to allow your hens to turn around with ease. If your flock of hens is mixed, make sure that your chicken nesting boxes are sufficient for accommodating both large and small birds.

Hens usually prefer to lay their eggs in an area that is both dry and dark. Be cognizant of where you place your boxes and avoid putting them directly in sunlight. It is also important to avoid placing boxes beneath roosting poles, given that chickens tend to go to the bathroom here and you don’t want them doing this on top of your eggs. Chickens like living environments that are clean and understanding this, keeping your chicken nesting boxes in good condition will help you to get an optimal egg production.

Your birds will also need high-quality bedding. Hens like soft hay and straw, but it is also possible to use shredded paper and wood shavings so long as you make certain that these are dry and that they have not been chemically treated. Pine is the wood that is most widely recommended for this purpose. Bedding should be one inch thick at a minimum, however, as much as three to four inches is ideal given that chickens will kick this around and it will also start to get matted down over time. Remember, you’ll get cleaner eggs if you keep the nesting area clean. The bedding should be changed every six months and spot cleaned as well in order to prevent a build up of ammonia.

Typically, chickens like having a clean space for nesting and as long as this is provided by your chicken nesting boxes, your flock will be healthy, happy and capable of laying a lot of eggs.

Always be sure to have chicken nesting boxes when you maintain a coop in the backyard. This will boost egg production because hens enjoy comfortable nesting places and hens that are happy make for happy egg layers. You can get a FREE Mini-Course on how to build chicken coops that will supply you with valuable information on coop building and tips for keeping and raising healthy chickens.…

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