Chicken Tractor Designs – How To Build A One In About 2 Hours

By | September 6, 2014

Making a chicken tractor is far less complex than you might think. Actually, it will usually take you just a few hours on the weekend to complete most basic, chicken tractor designs. You just need to have some chicken wire, some lumber and a decent set of chicken tractor designs and you are ready to go. Having good chicken tractor designs is vital as this is one of the most important parts of making a chicken tractor.

Some consumers have spent as much as a $1,000 to purchase their tractors from the store and this means that they have paid far too much. You can make your own chicken tractor for under $100 and you only need a decent set of plans and the proper materials which will be easy for you to obtain from nearby shops. Given that there are few materials requirements, this project can be completed in just several hours.

A chicken tractor is ultimately a mobile chicken house or a mobile chicken coop that has been designed without flooring so that chickens can easily reach the ground. Maintained in a backyard area, they are able to eat both pests and weeds. This is precisely why it is called a chicken tractor. If you have a big backyard, then you will quickly recognize the benefits of owning one of these.

If you want to learn how to build a chicken tractor then you should start by getting a proper set of plans as this will allow for a smooth and easy construction process. This is certainly the case if you have never made any wooden products in the past given that these plans can save you hours of effort.

How To Build A Chicken Tractor For Your Backyard

Chicken Tractor designsA chicken tractor provides a very effective and simple solution to a variety of problems that are commonly experienced by poultry farmer. These do not require a lot of money or skill to make, they protect chickens from predators and they serve as functional and efficient housing. If you do not have a sufficient budget for buying a larger chicken coop, then this is definitely a project that you want to undertake.

When Investing In A Chicken Tractor Is A Good Idea

Lets consider the different reasons why you should have a chicken tractor:

A. These structures can be built with ease and you only need chicken wire and lumber to get your project started.

B. You can move chicken tractors around easily and they are great for eliminating pests and weeds from grassy areas.

C. Given the fact that they are small, these units do not require a large amount of materials and they are low in cost.

D. There are no floors in chicken tractors and this allows chickens to access grass easily.

E. These work best for those who have between two and four birds.

F. They are very easy to repair.

It is obvious that there are a number of reasons why you might want to have a chicken tractor in your yard. In addition to the above-mentioned benefits, it is also a very practical way to give your chickens a nice and comfortable living area. While these structures are very handy, there are several things that you should remember when placing your chickens in them; for example, avoid keeping chickens in a single spot for any excessive amount of time as they will scratch off the topmost soil layer. Additionally, recognize that large, land-based predators may be able to topple your chicken coop and access your poultry.

Are you aware of the fact that neglect is the leading cause of death in chickens. While people tend to have very good intentions, they often don’t have the information they need for keeping their birds in good health. I have discussed a number of things on my chicken coop design page that you will need to remember when raising poultry. You have to be careful to choose the proper coop and to equip it correctly and you must make sure that you are keeping out predators. If you want to get more information on raising poultry, check out my chicken coop design page.…

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