Getting Cheap Chicken Coop Materials

By | November 3, 2014

Sourcing Chicken Coop Materials

The experience can be completely rewarding,when you make the decision to build your own chicken coop. It is cheaper that hiring someone to do it for you, or purchasing a kit online which is usually extremely overpriced. There are persons who prefer to pay the extra money to get the convenience of an already prepared kit, but there are several options for building a cop on a limited budget with the use of inexpensive chicken coop materials, that are available from various sources. If you are a frugal person but do not know where to access the required materials, let us look at some options which might assist you in kick-starting the total process.
chicken coop materials planksThe wood will be the largest expenditure, but may be the easiest to locate at a price that is heavily discounted, or possibly for free if you do not mind begging, or using outdated old wooden structures. If you are looking for the best deal possible, then you could consider travelling to your local lumber yard, where old and damaged wood may be available at very low prices. This can yield great results, as you may end up with excess wood that you did not expect to have. If you prefer to get materials completely free of cost, then you can contact the site manager at a local building site, as many of them would be only too willing to allow you to go through their dumpsters, and see if you can find any wood that may otherwise have been considered as trash. This may involve the removal of nails and sanding blemishes, but it will definitely be worthwhile if you will be getting materials free of cost.
You can also opt to use an old shed that is no longer being used for storage, or a tree house that your kids have outgrown, as partial or complete sources of material for the construction of your chicken coop. It is not unusual for persons to use compartments from an old doll house and convert them into nest boxes, so your kids can actually be an excellent source of free materials. You can also utilize old storage shelves for the same purpose, or even warehouses that may have stacks of damaged wooden pallets that are no longer needed, are also good sources. It is worth the effort in the end, even if it involves some amount of begging.

There are a variety of items that can be retrieved from construction sites and dumping grounds. These may include old vinyl flooring which can be used to make the floor of your chicken coop, and felt underlay which can provide insulation for the coop, as well as roof shingles that can be used for several purposes. Used tools can be sourced on eBay and also at garage sales for a fraction of the cost of new ones, so if you need to source tools, these are some of the options you can explore. You may desire to have a cool chicken coop, but you don’t have to pay through the beak for it.

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