How To Build A Chicken Coop

When you’re looking to build your first chicken coop from scratch, it’s a very good idea to learn as much as possible about how they’re supposed to be constructed – this way, you won’t have to go back to make adjustments later. Follow each of the steps below to the letter, and you’ll have a nice, good-looking chicken coop to put your hens in. If you manage to take into account each of the precautions described in this article, you’re guaranteed to be able to stand back and admire your work after it’s finished.

 Building Your First Chicken Coop From Scratch

The materials you utilize to build the chicken coop will make a serious impact on how well it stands up, as well as on its overall design. It is a major decision, and should be taken only after careful consideration. Pick a material which will give your coop a long life, and won’t require constant maintenance such as replacements and repairs. While the materials are indeed very important, there’s no need to spend a fortune purchasing them.

A common mistake coop builders make is going overboard when selecting a material. There’s no need to use solid oak wood or something of the sort when building it – simply use something such as old bricks that are commonly used in houses, or perhaps plywood. Timber is widely accepted as one of the best materials you can use to construct a coop, so perhaps you should consider it as well.

Another important thing you should remember to do is create a large open area to contain the chickens the coop will hold. When you build your chicken coop from scratch, it’s extremely important that you make sure your chickens will have plenty of room to walk around, and efficiently lay their eggs. It should be among your top priorities to make your hens feel comfortable and a home. Usually, you want about four square feet for each hen you have – so they’ll be comfortable enough to lay eggs, and do that often.

Now, there is a wide array of different ideas and design options. Chicken coops come in all sorts of sizes, styles and materials. When facing so many choices, it may be hard for you to come up with the best answer.

In order to pick a design, you should think about your particular specifications and requirements. Consider factors such as the number of hens you have, and the amount of space that is available. Once again, material is involved in this, so make sure you pick one which is durable and long lasting.

It can be hard to build a chicken coop from scratch. It’s very important that you take into account what you’ll put inside of it in order to make your hens as productive as possible. Remember to consider every single thing they’ll need, since a minor discomfort on the hens’ part may significantly decrease their productivity.

First, you should account for the nesting box, which will be a very important part of your coop, since it’ll be a place specifically designed for them to go lay eggs when it’s time. The better designed this box is, the more eggs you’ll likely get. Remember, it’s all about making your hens comfortable, since they are very sensitive to the environment around them.

Remember to make space for a roosting pole as well. It should be a solid pole, which will give them a place to sleep at night and roost when necessary. By following these instructions exactly, and designing a nice, comfortable chicken coop, you’re bound to have great results, and highly productive hens.